Center Introduction

About the Center

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms is an administrative organization affiliated with the Syrian Journalists Association, aiming to defend journalistic freedoms in Syria. It works on documenting violations against media professionals and -centers, including those that occur against Syrian media professionals outside Syria. Hence, covering reports are issued, in addition to issuing press releases on various occasions.
SCJF was established on June 1st, 2014, with the support of "Free Press Unlimited". This to pursue the work of the Journalistic Freedoms Committee of the Syrian Journalists Association. SJA was founded in February 2012, and works on documenting violations against media in Syria.
The work of the Freedom Center is organized by an internal regulation called: "Freedom Center Administrative Procedures Manual."
The Center communicates with the administrative body of the Syrian Journalists Association and "Free Press Unlimited" to brief them on its plans and work progress, as well as obtain necessary consultations to develop its work. The Center also communicates with members of the Association and all necessary contacts to conduct investigations and obtain any information that might be useful for its work.

Center's E-mail: :Official Website