Executive Summary
The Syrian Journalist Association is an independent democratic professional association founded on 20 February 2012. It has contributed to the establishment of a professional code of ethics for Syrian journalists. The Association works to empower the role of freedom of the press and expression in Syria as well as developing professional skills for the sector and primarily for all members.

The SJA does this through networking, advocacy and outreach.
It contributes to the professional development by offering training and capacity building programs to its members.
The Syrian Journalists Association works to develop a mechanism on how to protect Syrian journalists physically and by policymaking. With the support and coordination with an international communications network of several media assistance organizations, the SJA strive to respond to the members needs (primarily) and in so doing to serve the objectives of the association and Syrian journalists.

The association was officially registered in accordance with the French Associations Act No. W751220283 on 6 July 2013

Official Facebook page

The official email of the administrative body