MoU signed with Syndicate of French Journalists


The Syrian Journalists Association and the National Syndicate of French Journalists (SNJ) have agreed to coordinate their efforts and organize joint activities within the framework of mutual support.

SNJ will also support the Syrian Journalists Association in networking with different organizations in France.
The two parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Paris under the sponsorship of the International Federation of Journalists, which provides for cooperation and coordination for three years. 

The memo was signed by the president of SJA “Ali Eid” and the first secretary general of the National Syndicate of French Journalists “Vincent Lanier” and the Secretary General of the IFJ “Anthony Bellanger”, in the presence of the Secretary general of Syrian journalists association “Sakher Edris”, and members of the Executive Office of the SNJ.

It is worth noting that “SNJ” is the largest and oldest of the French journalists' syndicates. It was founded in 1918 and is celebrating its centennial in March.

SJA’s President, Ali Eid, said that the signing of the agreement in Paris on Friday, January 26, opens the door for SJA to take advantages of the capabilities and expertise of the SNJ which is well-established experienced organization with influence in France.

He added that this step comes as part of a series of steps to introduce the association and expand its roles and cooperation with international organizations to serve Syrian journalists. He stressed the importance of involvement of the new partners in the issues presented by the SJA, including freedom of the press and protecting the rights of Syrian journalists wherever they are.