Masab Saoud is the chairman of the Syrian Journalists Association for 2020-2023

Election Supervisory Committee in the Syrian Journalists Association SJA announced, on Tuesday evening, 5/19/2020, the final results of the second round of the chairmanship elections for the 2020-2023 term after the end of the objections period, with the victory of Masab Saoud over his rival, Riyad Mu’assas, as chairman of SJA.

The elections for the new executive board, including a chairman and six members, launched last April after forming a committee to supervise the elections. It included three members (Samir Matar, Suheir Omari, Emad Al-Tawashi). The electoral campaign started in early May.

Three-hundred and fifteen voters participated in the second round of SJA's elections. Saoud gained 50.16% of the votes over his rival Moasas, who got 45.8%. It is worth noting that the competition was not decided in the first round since no candidate obtained 51% of the total votes. 

Twenty-seven candidates competed for the membership of the Executive Office for the 2020-2023 term, by proposing electoral lists for the first time in SJA elections. In addition to independent candidates who based their candidacy on electoral programs, they believed it was the most effective way to develop SJA.

The Elections Supervision Committee announced the final results of the elections on the tenth of this month, by naming the winners of the membership: Zaidan Zankalo, Razan Amin, Raafat Al-Rifai, Ghusun Abu Al-Thahab, Ruba Habbush, and Zina Al-Bitar.

In this term, the Election Commission introduced the first code of conduct and electoral regulations that guaranteed candidates the right to debate and established the rights and duties of candidates and voters. The elections witnessed unprecedented participation by nominating more than 30 Syrian journalists who are members of the Syrian Journalists Association. It also witnessed the first debate among the candidates for the chairmanship of SJA. 

The Syrian Journalists Association established in 2012 and it comprises about 500 journalists. It also got membership in the International Federation of Journalists as a participant. It works to enable the role of freedom of media and expression in Syria as well as to develop journalistic skills for all members.