A statement for international organizations about situations in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside

A statement for international organizations about situations in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside

The Eastern Ghouta witnesses tragic conditions. Where the Assad regime’s army supported by Russian warplanes has launched intensified military campaign with hundreds of air raids and bombardment of tanks and heavy artillery shelling on civilians who are trapped for about 6 years

The death toll in 3 days has been 300 civilians killed and more than 2000 injured, mainly children, women and elderly. Causalities have been documented by name and evidence. The numbers are likely to rise every moment. 

The shelling killed and injured journalists and media workers. Approximately 75 media professionals are threatened by the escalated military campaign and indiscriminate attacks.

The Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) condemns massacres committed by the regime backed by Russian air force and allied foreign militias. It calls international organizations to pressure and act to save civilians including journalists. SJA calls United Nation (UN), concerned human Rights organization, and the Security Council to set an urgent investigation, send fact-finding mission and arrange urgent steps to stop killing and indiscriminate attacks. And calling for an end to the tragedy of some 400,000 civilians trapped in the eastern Ghouta area and living under a barrage of fire today, which threatened the death of a large number of victims.

Date: 22-02-2018