A call for the protection of 270 journalists besieged in southern Syria

A call for the protection of 270 journalists besieged in southern Syria

With the recent developments in southern Syria, especially in “Daraa” province where the Syrian regime and allied militias have entered villages and cities, 270 journalists, media activists and media workers are facing an imminent danger.

In the last few days, most media workers were forced to move to a narrow geographical area in Quneitra region. However, some media workers were besieged in “Daraa Al Balad” and adjacent western countryside.

Those besieged media workers ask for help and to be provided a safe transfer by opening the southern border with Jordan; fearing that they would be otherwise killed or arrested, as the records show many violations were committed by the regime in Syria against media professionals.

What doubles fears for the media workers is the will of revenge by the regime and its allied militias against anyone who expresses their opposition of the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Journalists Association follows the case closely with a special interest, and calls on neighboring countries, especially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to open the borders for besieged journalists and provide them a safe exit. The Association holds the Syrian regime and allied supporting forces responsible for any violations against any journalist whether willing to stay or safely exit. The Association also calls on international organizations and associations to implement necessary measures to prevent a catastrophe for journalists and their families, and to put pressure on governments to protect them and ensure their safety by opening the border for those willing to cross, or receive guarantees and undertakings by the controlling forces on the ground not to arrest, detain or torture those who wish to remain, and also to provide a suitable environment for journalistic to work without any pressure or threat.

 July 9, 2018