Statement on violations against media workers in northern Syria

Statement on violations against media workers in northern Syria

With deep sorrow, Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) has been following news of escalated violations against media in Syrian northern areas. Those violations remind Syrians of regime’s repression against Syrians in general. 

Syrian Journalists Association, on the one hand, condemns repeated violations against media especially the last violation, against media professional Bilal Srewel, which was committed by the armed Sultan Murad Division in Aleppo’s Afrin. On the other hand, SJA reminds all violators that Syrian people started a revolution in 2011 for freedom and dignity and to put an end for decades of oppression and dictatorship; Syrian revolution did not aim at replacing a dictator with another or forming new parallel dictating authorities that oppress Syrians who have paid a high price to achieve some of the freedoms.  

SJA calls for the end of such criminal practices. SJA calls on the Turkish government to do its ethical and legal duties so to stop violations, which can no longer be ignored, committed by armed factions that exploit the Turkish support.   

SJA continually stresses on its calls for protection of media professionals and ensuring a safe environment for media work independently and holding all violators accountable. SJA counts on judicial authority in Afrin area so to take legal procedures that ensure just punishment for everyone caused detaining and torturing media professional, colleague Bilal Srewel.    

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