Tow media activists were killed by explosive barrel, and an unknown armed group

Monthly report which is issued by Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedom (SCJF):
Tow media activists were killed by explosive barrel, and an unknown armed group.
 ISIS executed another American Journalist in September, 2014.

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedom in Syrian Journalists Association documented the killing of two Syrian journalists and another American journalist, so the number of victims of media has increased to 255 journalists and citizen journalists since March, 2011.  
Also SCJF documented various violation happened by Assad regime and ISIS. Among these cases SCJF documented the wounded reporter for “Smart Agency” by a sniper in Aleppo.
An attempt to kill a reporter working for Orient TV in Idlib, in addition, the Lebanese security arrested a Spokesman of the Syrian Revaluation General commission in Lebanon.
The SCJF urges all armed groups and battalions that control these areas to respect the journalistic and media work, maintain the safety of workers in the field of media, and prosecute all those involved in the violations accruing towards journalists.
First: Killed journalists:
  1. ISIS beheaded the American journalist Steven Sotloff,  31 years, in 2 September, 2014 in somewhere in desert. ISIS published a video showing  the execution of Sotloff and also a massage to United States in response to the American attacks on its sites. This is not the first violation happened by ISIS because they beheaded the American journalist James Foley before.
Sotlof disappeared in August, 2013 when he was covering the events in Syria. He worked as an independent journalist with number of media like (Time, Foreign Policy, Christian Science Monitor ,and World Affairs Journal) also he worked in the different regions in the world  like Turkey, Egypt,  Syria, Libya, and Bahrain.
  1. Mohamed Alqassema, 24 years was killed in 11 , September, 2014 in Maaret el-Numan in the suburb of Idlib. When he was with a commander of a battalion of FSA in a caar, unknown armed group fired at them and they were killed.
    Alqassem worked almost for a year as a reporter for Rozana Radio in Idlib, he also prepared and wrote media reports to many TV channels and websites. In the last two months he worked as a reporter for the Syria News Center in Idlib province and he used a nickname ( Khaled Almohamed).    
  2. Abdullah Hamaad, 28 years was killed in 15, September, 2014 during the regime’s bombing on the Talbisah in suburbs of Homs. Hamaad is the one of the founders of the Media Professionals Association of Revaluation in Homs. He documented the siege of Homs when he was there before he left with FSA to the suburbs of Homs. After that he resumed his media work on Talbesah fronts and other fronts in the northern suburbs of Homs.
Second: other violations:
1-Karam Almasri, 24 years, working as a reporter for Smart Agency. He was preparing a report with a fighter from FSA when he was wounded by the regime’s sniper in Salah Aldin front, Aleppo. He was hot in his left leg. He was transferred to a local hospital where he received the medical treatment there and came out of hospital after four hours.  
2- Military members from Lebanese Intelligence Directorate arrested the Spokesman of the Syrian Revaluation General commission Mohamed Alqaseer  in 18 September, 2014 in his place in Beint Jbail, Lebanon. The security has beaten and tortured him during his arrested, Also they Confiscated his laptop and his mobile phone.
The journalist Mohamed Alqaseer is currently living in Lebanon because  his life is endangered in Syria after he became wanted by the Alassad regime because of his media activities. According to his lawyers the Specified period of arrest exceeded the legal limit stipulated in the Lebanese law.
3- ISIS forced the British journalist who was detained by it, John cantlie to appear in video wearing orange clothes and siting in a black room at 18 September, 2014. John was reading a massage introduced with the title “Lend Me Your Ears”
Johan disappeared in November, 2012 in mysterious circumstances to appear again the video. John worked with British magazine and newspaper like (Sunday times and Sunday telegraph)
4-   The attempted assassination of the reporter of the Orient channel TV ,Zaki Alidlbi, by placing an explosive device in his car at 29, September, 2014 in Binish suburbs of Idlib. Zaki had been injured many many times in his body including his spinal cord. He was transferred to a field hospital.
The journalist Zaki graduated from journalism University, he is one of the oldest reporters in the Orient channel in Idlib. He worked with the channel using a nickname for three years, after that he started using his real name in his reports.

5- ISIS detained four employees in the Alqoria Media Center in Dair el-Zoor suburbs  for several hours in 14, September, 2014 under the excuse of the existence of evidence that they published media content against ISIS . After investigation with them ISIS released three of them after they pledged not to purplish any content without the availability of evidence. For the fourth media activist, ISIS refused to release him after two days because they accused him of blasphemy. The Alqoria Media Center issued a statement announcing that they suspended their activity on Facebook.
The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedom
The Syrian Journalists Association

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