Eleven violations against media in Syria documented in last February

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms of Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) documented 10 violations against media committed in the last month, Feb. 2018. The Center also has documented one violation committed in Feb. 2017. 

The monthly report published by the Center on March 4, 2018 shows that violations against Syria continued in the last month as a result of military escalation on the Syrian arena especially in besieged Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside governorate and also in the north of Syria. 

The Center mainly documented the killing of 4 media professionals in the last month; one of the killed was working with an armed force. 

It is worth mentioning that the total number of killed media professionals documented by the Center since mid-March 2011 has increased to 426. 

The report shows that different sides on the Syrian arena are responsible for the violations. The regime and Russia have topped those responsible for violations by committing 8 violations each. And PYD committed 2 violations while HTS committed one violation.

The violations committed in the last month varied between killing, injuring and abducting; six media professionals were injured and one media professionals was abducted. 

As for geographical distribution, violations were mainly in areas witnessing military operations. Damascus Countryside governorate witnessed 6 violations while Idlib witnessed 3 violations and Aleppo witnessed 2. 

The last month witnessed the release of media activist Alan Salim Ahmad. He was detained for a year and a half by PYD in Hasaka, north eastern Syria.