14 violations against media in Syria documented in last March

During March 2018:

Four media professionals were killed,Russia &Turkey are main violators

Violations against media in Syria continue despite the resolution 2401,adopted by Security Council on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018, that demands 30-day Cessation of Hostilities in Syria. 

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms of Syrian Journalists Association (SJA)has documented 14 violations against media in March, 2018 in Syria. 

March witnessed a slight increase in documented violations comparing to that in Jan. and Feb.
The Center documented 11 violations in February, 2018 and 10 in January, 2018. 

For the second month in row, the Syrian arena witnessed a serious escalation in violations against media. The Center documented the killing of 8 media professionals in the last 2 months as a result of heavy campaign of bombardment on cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countrysideby the Syrian regime and allied Russian forces. All conflicting partiesin Syria, especially in the north of the county, continue violating and oppressing media freedoms. 

Different acting parties on the Syrian arena are responsible for the violations. Russia and Turkey topped those responsible for violations by committing 4 violations each. The regime, PYD,al-Rahman brigade, and Ahrar Al-sham committed one violation each while 2 violations were committed by unidentified parties.

The Center mainly documented the killing of 4 media professionals. 
Media professionals Bashar al-Attar, Ahmad Hamdan and Obaida Abu Omar were killed as a result of Russian aerial bombing on Eastern Ghouta while media activist SouhaibAion was killed by the regime’s artillery bombardment on besieged Eastern Ghouta’s city Douma. 

The number of killed media professionals documented by the Center since mid-March 2011 has escalated to 430 media professionals. 

Violations varied in March between killing, injuring, arresting, detaining, hitting, threatening and confiscating media equipment. 
Two media professionals were injured, 5 others were detained or arrested, and one was subject to hitting and one was threatened and his media equipment was confiscated,And Destroying media equipment.

Media activist Ghiyath Abu Qussay was injured by Russian airstrikes on Eastern Ghouta’sAinTarma town in Damascus Countryside while the media professional Wahid FouadKurunful, who works with an armed group, was injured by an exploding landmine in Aleppo’s Afrin left by PYD. 

The Center also documented detaining he media activist Omar Hamza by al-Rahman brigade in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside and he was released a week after the arrest.

Turkish authority arrested Media professionals Muhammed al-Abduallh, Ahmad Khouja, Ahmad Zarzour and Mustafa Muhammad Ali Maksous in the town of DeirBalout in Aleppo’s Afrin. They were arrested for 48 hours under the pretext of photographing members of the Turkish Army without a permission of media work. 

Media activist Muhammad al-Soubaih was subjected to hitting by unidentified armed parties in southern Idlib countywide while media activist Muaz al-Zoubi was stopped by unidentified armed group in Daraa countryside where his media equipment was confiscated,And media activist Muhammed Hussien Obied was subjected to assault by Ahrar al-Sham as the armed group destroyed his media equipment in Madiq citadle in Hama countryside.

As for geographical distribution, Damascus countryside governorate witnessed 6 violations by the regime and Russian shellingon cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta while Aleppo governorate witnessed 5 violations in Afrin. Daraa, Idlib, and hama provinces witnessed one violation each. 

Finally, Lebanese government released in March Syrian media activist Fadi Wahid Qarquz aka Fadi Sony after arresting him for a year.

April 3, 2018

Syrian Journalists Association  
The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms 

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