3 violations against media in Syria documented in last June

In June 2018:

 number of violations declined

In 2018, media freedoms in Syria witnessed a significant improvement in regards of number of violations committed against media. The figure of violations documented by the Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms of Syrian Journalists Associationin the first half of 2018 witnessed a tangible decline comparing to that in the first half of previous year 2017 that witnessed 133 violations. 

51 violations against media in Syria were documented in the first half of 2018 and35 out of the 51 Violations occurred in the first quarter of the year as a result of intensified military operations especially in the eastern Ghouta and some of other northern areas in Syria. 

The violations curve then declined in the second quarter of the year and 16 violationsoccurred as military operations declined in most Syrian provinces recently.

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms could document 3 violations against media in June 2018 in Syria. Hence, June witnessed a significant decrease in the number of documented violations comparing to previous months. However, pressures against media freedoms made by some armed opposition’s factions in addition to the security chaos in the northern Syrian areas are considered main reasons for violations documented in the last month. 

For the third month in row, armed opposition’s factions top those responsible for violations by committing 2 violations in northern Aleppo governorate while HayyatTahrir al-Sham (HTS) is responsible for committing one violation.  

For the third time in 2018, no killing cases were documented in the report. So, killed media professionals documented by the center since the beginning of revolution in mid-march 2011 remains 431.  

Violations in June 2018 were confined to detaining 3 media professionals. Members of armed opposition’s brigade Liwaa al-Shamal(part of Euphrates Shield forces) detained Issam Abbas, KaniwarHasanKhalf near Aeppo’s Manbij while they were heading to prepare a report about the city. The Center also documented detaining of media professional MuhammedFadl al-Janodi aka Muhammed al-Shami by HTS from his residency in a displaced camp in western Idlib countryside under the pretext of filming without having a permission.    

As for geographical distribution, violations occurred mainly in northern Syria especially in Aleppo province that witnessed 2 violations while Idlib witnessed one violation. 

Finally, the Center documented releasing of media activist Hussam Mahmoud on June 6, 2018 after detaining lasted approximately 6 months in prisons of HTS in Idlib.

Syrian Journalists Association 

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