2 violations against media in Syria documented in last September

In September 2018:

Only two violations in Aleppo and Idlib were documented

The curve of violations against media in the current year in Syria changed significantly from one month to another depending on developments on the ground and frequency of clashes. Intermittent Syrian regime’s shelling on areas in Idlib and pressures on media freedoms by the regime and also some opposition parties form direct reasons for violations documented by the Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms in September 2018. 

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms of Syrian Journalists Association documented in Sept.2018 two violations against media in Syria. However, September 2018 witnessed a significant decrease in the number of documented violations comparing to that in last August when 11 violations were documented.      

It is worth noting that Sept. 2018 witnessed the lowest number of violations documented by the Center since start of the Syrian revolution in mid-March 2011. Fourteen violations were documented in Sept. 2012, six in Sept. 2013, seven in Sept. 2014, fifteen in Sept. 2015, and thirteen in Sept. 2016 while the highest figure, sixteen, was documented in Sept. 2017, comparing to Septembers of previous years. 

Syrian regime is responsible for committing one violation while the other violation was committed by opposition’s local coordination of al-Atarib Media Center 

For the fourth time in 2018 (January, April, June, and September); no cases of killing of media professionals were documented. And, as a result, the number of killed media professionals documented by the Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms remains 13 in the current year, till the end of September, while the figure remains 435 since mid-March 2011.  

The violations in September included injury and denial of practicing media work. 

Media professional Anas Abdumajeed Diyab was injured by regime’s rockets on Idlib’s Khan Shiekhoun while he was covering shelling on the city. Also, media professional Majed Hasan al-Omari was subjected to denial of practicing journalistic work as a correspondent by Al-Atarib Media Center when he was preparing to cover a protest against Syrian regime and allies. 

As for geographical distribution, the violations occurred in northern Syria as Idlib province witnessed one violation while the other violation was committed in Aleppo province.   

Syrian Journalist Association
Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms

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