In January 2019: Detaining of two media professionals documented

The Syrian Center for Journalistic freedoms (SCJF) of Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) published on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019, the monthly report of violations against media in Syria during January 2019.  

In the report, SCJF documented 2 violations against media in Syria in January 2019. One of the two violations occurred in November 2018. 

According to the report, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Hay’at Tahiri al-Sham (HTS) committed one violation each. 

SDF detained media professional Hazem al-Faraj in Raqqa, north-eastern Syria while HTS detained media professional Mu’tasem al-Dairi in Idlib northern countryside.     

In this regard, SCJF mentioned that it documented 285 cases of detaining, arrest and abducting of media professionals in Syria in the period from March 2011 till January 2019. Also, 38 out of the 285 cases are still under detention. In addition, SCJF reviewed documented cases of media professionals under detention or enforced disappearance in the previous years.     

In January 2019, SCJF monitored cases of media professionals escaping from western Aleppo countryside for fear of pursuing and arrests as HTS has controlled the region let alone Idlib completely.

SCJF published in January 2019 its annual report for 2018 entitled ‘Press in Syria: Danger is everywhere!
The annual report reviewed the outcome, 95 violations, of 2018 and compared it with that in previous years starting from 2011.

For the full version of the report please download it in PDF format from the attached link.