In February 2019: media professional killed in regime's prisons and violations increased

In February 2019:

One media professional was killed and 6 others were injured

The curve of violations has risen again after it decreased at the beginning of the year. In February 2019, the Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms (SCJF) documented 9 violations against media in Syria. The violations documented in February, 2019 increased significantly compared to that in January.

The renewal of shelling by the Syrian regime and allied forces, violating the de-escalation agreement, on some areas in the north of Syria, especially Idlib, explains the rise in the number of violations and the change in its type in February 2019. In addition, the security chaos in Idlib province led to a number of violations, let alone the pressure on media freedoms by different conflicting sides.    

In February 2019, the Islamic State group ISIS returned to be on the violators’ list, after disappearance in 2018, by committing one violation against a foreign journalist in Syria. 

As usual, the Syrian regime topped those responsible for violations in Feb. 2019 by committing 3 violations while the armed opposition committed one violation. Also, 4 violations were committed by unidentified parties.      

In Feb. 2019, one media professional was killed and 6 others were injured. Media professional Bilal Abdulkafi al-Muhammed aka Abu Orouba was killed under torture in Syrian regime’s detention centers in Damascus province after an arrest lasted 6 years. 

Hence, the number of killed media professionals documented by SCJF has risen to 446 since mid-March 2011, including 31 media professionals killed under torture in Syrian regime’s prisons.        

Media professionals Muhammed Ayman Abu al-Baraa, Ammar al-Hamdo, Iyyad al-Asmar, and Jawad Lababidi aka Jawad al-Shami were injured in Feb. 2019 by an anonymous car bomb explosion in Idlib while they were covering the first explosion that hit the same place. Also, media professional Ahmad al-Khatib aka Khatib al-Idlibi was injured while covering the Syrian regime’s shelling on the town of Talminnis in Idlib southern countryside.

Violations documented by the SCJF were not limited to killing and injury but included also detaining and arrest of media professionals. FSA’s al-Sharqiya’s brigade detained media professional Basel Ezz El Din in Aleppo’s Afrin for his media work, but he was released shortly afterward.  

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