In June 2019: 2 media professionals killed out of 5 violations against media in Syria

The curve of violations against media in Syria witnessed both qualitative and quantitative changes from one month to another. The systematic shelling on Idlib province and Hama countryside by the Syrian regime and allies forms a major reason for the perpetuation of violations. Also, the tighter policy of restricting media freedoms, imposed by all sides, apart from security chaos in some Syrian areas, left a number of violations in last June.

The Syrian Centre for Journalistic Freedoms of the Syrian Journalists Association documented 5 violations against media in Syria last June. Consequently, both June and April 2019 witnessed the same number of documented violations while May 2019 witnessed 9 violations.

For the second month in a row, the Syrian regime tops those responsible for violations by committing three violations in June 2019, in Syria while the Democratic Union Party (PYD) committed one violation. And, one violation was committed by unidentified sides.   

In June 2019, the SCJF documented the killing of 2 media professionals and the injury of 2 others. Media professional Omar al-Dimashqi was killed after suffering an injury by an IED explosion set, by unidentified sides, in his car in Idlib countryside. Also, media professional Amjad Hasan Bakir was killed by the Syrian regime’s fire when he was covering clashes in Hama northern countryside. Hence, the number of killed media professionals, in Syria, documented by the SCJF has risen to 450 since 2011. 

Media professional Tariq Abdulrazaq al-Ibrahim was injured by the regime’s rocket shelling on Hama countryside, and media professional Abdulaziz Burhan Najm was slightly injured by the regime’s artillery in Hama countryside. In addition, in June 2019, the SCJF documented the arresting of media professional Muhammed Tawfiq al-Saghir in al-Hasaka province by PYD’s Asayish under the pretext of filming fires that have ravaged the wheat fields in al-Qamishli, north of Syria. It is worth noting that al-Saghir’s fate was still unknown at the time of preparing this report.       

As for geographical distribution, violations were concentrated on Hama province that witnessed three violations while Idlib, al-Hasaka provinces witnessed one violation each.

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