In September 2019: Two journalists detained and another injured

Violations against media in Syria continue, despite the recent Russian announcement of a ceasefire in the de-escalation zone, north of Syria. The military operations directly led to increasing the type and number of violations. It is worth noting that the shelling by Assad’s regime and restricting media freedoms in most Syrian areas are considered the main reasons behind the violations in September 2019.

The SCJF of Syrian Journalists Association documented 4 violations against media in Syria in September 2019. And 3 out of the 4 documented violations occurred in September while one violation occurred in last August but documented by the SCJF after being verified according to criteria of documentation. As for statistics, September 2019 witnessed a slight decrease in the number of documented violations.    

HTS topped those responsible for violations against media in Syria in September 2019 by committing 2 violations in a continuous policy to restrict media freedoms. On the other hand, the Syrian regime committed one violation, which is, as usual, considered the most deadly-type violation against journalists and media professionals, while the autonomous administration of PYD committed one violation.          

In September 2019, the SCJF documented the injury of a media professional and detaining of 2 others. Media professional Iyyad Muhammed Abu al-Joud was slightly injured by the regime’s artillery bombardment on Idlib’s countryside.  

The SCJF also documented in September 2019 the detaining of media professional Ahmad Rahal by HTS in Idlib because of his media work and criticism of HTS’s policies. However, he was released 9 days after being held in detention. 

Also, HTS’s checkpoint detained media professional Muhammed Khaled Jadaan after shooting him while heading to his hometown in Idlib southern countryside. It is worth mentioning that his fate remains unknown at the time of preparing this report. 

Furthermore, the SCJF documented in September 2019 suspension of Kurdistan 24 TV channel at the beginning of last August by the autonomous administration of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) under the pretext of violating professional criteria. However, the autonomous administration withdrew the suspension in a statement published at the beginning of September.

As for geographical distribution, violations focused in Idlib province that witnessed three violations while al-Hasakah province witnessed one violation.

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