In January 2020: The number of violations declined and forced displaced media professionals increased

The shelling and attacks launched by the regime’s forces backed by Russia on the rebel-controlled areas in northwestern Syria have increased recently. Though, the numbers of violations against media in Syria witnessed a significant decline at the beginning of the current year compared to that documented in the previous year.

This decline might be caused by the measures of security and safety taken by media professionals after the heavy bombing on northwestern Syria in the last month, let alone the forced displacement of many media professionals in an unprecedented movement from targeted areas to safer regions.

The SCJF of SJA documented 2 violations against media in Syria in January 2020. And, this demonstrates a significant decline in the number of violations compared to that documented in January 2019 (12 violations).

It is worth mentioning that the regime was absent from the list of those who committed violations against media in January 2020; the armed opposition solely, for the first time in years, is responsible for violations (2) documented in a month.

Media professional Abdulghani Jaarokh was injured by the armed opposition that targeted him with members of the Syrian regime’s forces in Idlib countryside.

The SCJF also documented in January 2020 detaining of media professional Malek Ahmad al-Hamdo by opposition’s security forces in Aleppo’s Afrin.

As for geographical distribution, the violations occurred north of Syria where Aleppo and Idlib witnessed one violation each.

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