In March 2020: Documenting three new violations

The pace of violations against the media in Syria decreased last March, after it increased last February. This drop comes as a result of the cessation of the battles and shelling, which were the main reasons for violations committed in Syria over the past years. However, the security chaos in northwestern Syria was a direct cause of the documented violations that took place last February.

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms (SCJF) in the Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) documents three violations against the media in Syria, at a rate of nearly last January, during which only two violations took place and with a significant decrease of last February (11 violations).

The responsibility for the three violations committed during last month was confined to an unknown armed party.

The documented violations during the past month were the abduction. An unknown armed group kidnapped the media professional Majd Hamo with two Turkish journalists, Murad Jan and Mustafa (we could not know his full name), in the suburb of Idlib, while they were going to monitor and cover in Jabal Zawiya and released them within several hours, bringing the number of violations against foreign journalists in Syria since 2011 to seventy.

Besides, the center monitored last month the opinions of journalists inside Syria on the preventive measures they have taken to confront the spread of the new Coronavirus, either on a personal level or to educate people about the risks of this virus.

The Center's report also reviews several comparisons of violations in March from 2012 until recent and refers to killings in March during previous years. Geographically, documented violations during last March were in the city of Idlib.

For the full version of the report please download it in PDF format from the attached link.