In June 2020: Tahrir-alSham commits 11 violations

In Syria, media professionals and journalists are exposed to multiple types of violations while carrying out their work covering various aspects of life and reporting news. The parties of conflict intentionally target them to absent the prominent role of the media in conveying the reality of the Syrian situation and uncovering the crimes and violations that take place in the country.

The situation in June continues like it was during previous months. The restriction on media freedoms in northwestern Syria was a direct reason for the documented violations. It was also a major cause for most violations documented by the Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedom (SCJF) the first half of the year, especially with the decrease of battles and shelling.

SCJF in SJA documented 11 violations in June, like what was documented last February and more than the rest of the months of this year.

The violations were limited to attacking a group of media professionals in the city of Idlib by security forces affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls media freedoms there. They were covering the news near Aleppo - Lattakia International Road "M4".

As a result, a group of media professionals and activists organized a solidarity stand in the city of Idlib, against these practices of HTS, in a new attempt to raise the level of media freedoms.

By the first half of 2020, SCJF has documented 34 violations against the media professionals in Syria, including the killing of two journalists, and the injuring and attacking of 20 others

SCJF notes that the media workers working inside Syria are still subjected to violations by various actors. Nevertheless, they continue the struggle and follow the path of truth to report what is happening in Syria to the international public opinion.

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