Vacancy: research and media analyst in Syrian Journalists Association

Research and Media Analyst – Media Event-Based research  Project
Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) is looking for a media analyst to launch a media research  activity based on single events in Syria.
The ideal experienced candidate should have a proven track record with media content research and analysis.
The media analyst is required to:
1. Lead the event based media research project over a time frame of approximately 4  
months, through an iterative process with Syrian Journalists Association and by managing a team of two coders.
2. Design an event based research monitoring methodology.
3. Produce the deliverables of this project, which includes the methodology and reports for publication and internal use.
4. Knowledgeable in various research and testing methodologies
Job responsibilities:
(Over a period of approximately 4 months, and all in close collaboration with SJA staff)
1. Select a suitable event
2. Train coders on the methodology
3. Manage the team of two coders
4. Communicate with SJA staff for updates
5. Database management and analysis
6. Write reports (to be determined, for publication and internal use) on the selected event
7. Work together with a text editor to finalise the report text
1. A degree in Media Studies or a study related to that field.
2. Up to 5 years’ experience in qualitative media research monitoring analysis.
3. Outstanding research and analytical skills.
4. Fluency in Arabic, good English writing skills.
5. Knowledgeable on the Middle East and Arab media sector.
6. Ability to manage a small team.
7. Ability to monitor and evaluate project progress.
8. Good communication skills.
The Offer:
We offer a freelance contract, in a dynamic international environment with a NGOs fair salary based on local standards.SJA uses fair selection criteria based on equal opportunities.
About us:
The Syrian Journalist Association (SJA) is an independent democratic professional association founded on 20 February 2012. It has contributed to the establishment of a professional code of ethics for Syrian journalists. The Association works to empower the role of freedom of the press and expression in Syria as well as developing professional skills for the sector and primarily for all members.
The SJA does this through networking, advocacy and outreach.
It contributes to the professional development by offering training and capacity building programs to its members.
The SJA works to develop a mechanism on how to protect Syrian journalists physically and by policymaking. With the support and coordination with an international communications network of several media assistance organizations, the SJA strive to respond to the members need (primarily) and in so doing to serve the objectives of the association and Syrian journalists.
How to Apply:
If you are interested in this position, please send your motivation letter and CV (preferably in PDF format) before 26 March 2019 to