A contest for designing a new logo for the Syrian Journalists Association

The Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) is willing to have a new logo. 

SJA would like to invite talented designers, individuals, and associations, to participate in the logo-contest according to the following conditions:
General conditions: 
1-The logo and the name have to be innovative, unique, and new in the way it designed. 
2-The logo or the name cannot be taken from other logos or names of other firms.    
3-No right to be reclaimed to return the offered designs or names in the future. 
4-Each designer can participate in the contest with a maximum of 3 designs and names.
5-SJA retains ownership of the winning logo and name exclusively. 
Technical conditions:
1-The logo and name should reflect the idea of SJA, its goals, message, and content. 
2- The logo should have the potential to be carried out and used in all media and advertisement outlets and also in writing programs of speeches, messages without disappearance of the logo’s components. 
3-The logo should be simple, unique, non-traditional, connected with the name of the SJA with no more than 3 colors.  
4-The logo should maintain clarity of all of its elements, whether in colors or black-white when minimizing or maximizing.   
5-Sending colored and black-white copies of the logo in a digital form. 
6-The design should be made by a professional program of designing and also should be in high quality with dimensions 20*28 cm and resolution of no less than 300 pixel/ Inch.  
7-To attach a summary report explaining the idea of the design and what the logo symbolizes for 

1-The deadline to receive works is: Thursday, April 4, 2019  
2-Works can be sent with the title “Logo Contest” to the following email address: sjaanalysis@gmail.com
3-Information of the name, mobile number, and email address should be submitted with the design. 
4-The winner will receive a nominal sum with written thanks from SJA. 

Who are we?
Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) is a professional, democratic, independent association and a member of the International Federation of Journalists.
SJA was established on Feb. 20, 2012. It had contributed to the establishment of a code of ethical conduct for Syrian journalists. It works on enabling the role of freedom of expression and journalism in Syria and also developing professional press-skills and capacity-building for the field of journalism in general and for its members particularly.